“Go into the whole world and preach the good news to all of creation.” Mark 16:15

In 1985, when our hearts were ablaze with the call from Mark 16:15, Catholic lay evangelists Bruce and Linda Simpson invited on the road to share in their ministry of preaching.  In that time, we had a chance to do the work of preaching  the Gospel.  Perhaps more importantly, we saw that we could do it on our own.

The next summer, we set up our own itinerary and preached in Florida and Louisiana.  That summer (1986), Greg left teaching and we began to preach full-time.   Since the first time we loaded up our little Toyota with us and the two kids (ages three and one) to go and preach, we’ve had a lot of stops along the way.  The map shows the states in which we have preached the simple message of the Gospel in parishes and called people to conversion to Jesus.

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