Akwatia: a few pictures from our visit many years ago.

As we mentioned in a recent letter to ministry partners, here are a few pictures of our mentioned visit to Akwatia.  Double-click any picture to enlarge it.

Greg teaching in the School of Evangelization.

A few of the children in town getting their picture taken with Lydia.  Most people in the region don’t own a book nor a photograph of themselves.

Walking from the Church to the hospital (more than a mile) with the children and retreat leaders.  The children sang songs of praise in Fante as we made the walk.

Lydia visits with a shop of seamstresses in town.  Ghanaians are quite hospitable and welcome such visits, especially from foreigners.

10/40 Window List of Countries

While there are slight variations among sources in the list of countries in the 10/40 Window, the obvious need and lessons to be applied remain the same.

Wikipedia’s list:  The 10/40 Window originally encompassed the following 57 countries. An expanded list including some important nearby nations is offered by the Joshua Project:

Refugee Camps: Ripe for a Gospel Harvest

Unlike our mental picture of refugee camps, older camps (like this one in Thailand serving Burmese refugees from Myanmar) look more like a crowded town in the refugees’ homeland.  This is much different than the hastily constructed tent cities that we more often see on the news.  The millions of refugees in these camps are overwhelmingly non-Christian.  Refugee camps provide a unique opportunity to preach the simple message of the Gospel, call the residents to conversion and Baptism.  The new converts can be discipled and formed as preachers.  The average stay in such a camp is 17 years!

Read Greg’s two-page October article on refugee camps, converts, and discipling Gospel workers in them:

October 2020 Article on Refugees

God’s call in times of peril is for his people to repent.  It is easy to feel like we could get out of the current mess if the other people could please get their acts straight.  But God calls his people to act first, to humble themselves, to seek his presence and repent of their sin.  We must take a fresh look at our lives and seek God if we are to expect a great healing in our land.

This is the theme of Greg’s article:  06-2020 reprint Heal Our Land

Article on Baptism

Here is an article that Greg wrote some years back concerning the practical benefits of Baptism.  Many young parents today see  Baptism as an outdated ritual of Church membership and don’t even have their babies Baptized.  This article shows the practical, powerful benefits of Baptism.  These benefits are even more exciting when considered in light of the current pandemic.

To open the article, double-click on it and it will open in a browser or a PDF program on your computer.  Then right click the article to save it on your hard drive.  This will allow you to attach it to an email to anyone with whom  you want to share the article.

giving baby the best

Marsh Harbour Outreach in 2017

Here is the video mentioned in this month’s partner letter.  You can also find it on  your smart tv by searching YouTube for “Trainor Marsh Harbour Hires”.  Please be sure to use the “HiRes” version on a big screen tv.

The video contains a 10 min preaching clip and slides from our visit to the Catholic school in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas in 2017.  Click on icon on bottom right of video to view full-screen.