Article on Baptism

Here is the article that Greg mentioned on Baptism during the podcast. Many young parents view Baptism as an ancient ceremony of church membership and leave it to the child’s choice if the want to be baptized at an older age. If the parents only knew the powerful things God does in Baptism, they certainly would not wait to baptize there infants. A good article both for parents with newborn children and for unbaptized adults.

Read the article: Giving Baby the Best

Preach Jesus Podcast

The Preach Jesus Podcast will begin in early September. It will be offered for free to all who find it beneficial to their Christian walk. New episodes will post on Saturday morning and can be listened to at any time. We are targeting 14 initial podcast listening apps that reach more than 95% of the North American listening market. We will add one or two apps weekly to make it easier to find and listen to the podcast. When it launches, you can listen to the podcast on any of the 14 podcast apps, the web page for the podcast or on Youtube.

The initial 15 apps will be: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Just these three applications make the podcast accessible to 95% percent of the North American listening market. When the podcast is approved for listing in Apple Podcasts, Apple automatically lists it in the other podcast applications owned by Apple: 1,2,3,4,5. In addition, the podcast will also be made available on these postcast applications to listen to for free on your phone or computer: 1,2,3,4,5,6. If you use different application, listen to the main webpage for the podcast or on Youtube until we add your podcasting application.

Check this blog in September for updates and delay notices regarding your podcast listing app in particular.

The Practicality of Praying in Tongues

Happy Pentecost Sunday!

When I met Lydia, she patiently taught me the practicality of Pentecost. I remember her telling me one day: “Greg, I think you have loved Jesus for a long time, but you’ve tried to be a good Christian in your own power.” She knew from the dumbfounded look on my face that she better continue to explain. She told me: “This is the reason the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of you in your Baptism– so that you can live your Christian life in the power or the Holy Spirt, not just in your own power.

The article below shows the practicality of praying in tongues. Just one of the specific ways the Holy Spirit empowers us in our Christian walk.


Article: Why Every Christian Should Want to Pray in Tongues

Click here to read the article:

Welcome Cecilia Frances

We want to extend a special welcome to our eighth grandchild. Cecilia Frances was born on May 5, 2022 to our daughter Sarah and son-in-law Cris in Gainesville, FL. She is pictured here resting comfortably in the first few hours after her birth.

Akwatia: a few pictures from our visit many years ago.

As we mentioned in a recent letter to ministry partners, here are a few pictures of our mentioned visit to Akwatia.  Double-click any picture to enlarge it.

Greg teaching in the School of Evangelization.

A few of the children in town getting their picture taken with Lydia.  Most people in the region don’t own a book nor a photograph of themselves.

Walking from the Church to the hospital (more than a mile) with the children and retreat leaders.  The children sang songs of praise in Fante as we made the walk.

Lydia visits with a shop of seamstresses in town.  Ghanaians are quite hospitable and welcome such visits, especially from foreigners.

10/40 Window List of Countries

While there are slight variations among sources in the list of countries in the 10/40 Window, the obvious need and lessons to be applied remain the same.

Wikipedia’s list:  The 10/40 Window originally encompassed the following 57 countries. An expanded list including some important nearby nations is offered by the Joshua Project: