A New Beginning

Plumeria in Independent Samoa / Click to enlarge.

Well, we think we are up and running.  Check back from time to time to find new blog entries.  Some entries will have spiritual insights and encouragement but only be a few paragraphs at most.  The longer articles will be posted on our ministry website: www.preachJesus.org.  This blog will also have entries to show you our travels, parishes in which we preach in North America, outreaches in the mission field and both pretty and goofy pictures of what we see along the way.

Lydia photographed the flowers above (plumeria) in Independent Samoa.  They were growing in one of the gardens at the shrine where we were staying on the trip.  The archbishop lives on the grounds of the shrine himself.  Our main event was teaching our School of Evangelization (this one was Mon-Fri) to the Nation Catholic Youth Council.  The archbishop arranged for it to be broadcast live on national radio.  School was not in session and many youth groups listened to it together on parish grounds.

In general, this blog will help you know us better as people and stay more connected along the way.  Many of the things (travel photos, worship songs,  and recipes) never seemed appropriate on the ministry website but will find a home here.  Here you will find a more lighthearted look at life as we answer God’s call and have a little fun together along the way.  Life is good because God is good.

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